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Coaching Information

Hey babe, I'm so glad you're here! Welcome to Pleasure-focused Coaching, where I specialize in supporting individuals on their journey towards personal growth, empowerment, and living a life filled with pleasure and purpose. I provide guidance, support, and practical tools for a diverse range of clients, including small business owners, those seeking to connect with magic and ritual, individuals desiring a more pleasureful life, creative entrepreneurs, and queer and neurodivergent individuals. And, if we haven't met yet, I'm Maria Vashakidze- owner of Seagrape Apothecary and life long lover of art, baths, and direct communication! You can find more about me on the main page.

If you’re in a place of curiosity, transition, re-grounding, opening up to new things, or just seeking support, I’m here for you! Let's chat magic, life, and pleasure!

There are so many global and internal shifts happening for all of us right now, and having a safe place to ask questions, brainstorm, and seek reflection is what I’m here for. Book a coaching session to check in about life, love, business, magic, sexuality, and anything else (I’m qualified for!) that comes up for you! 

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy <3

What can Coaching entail?

Small Business Support:
Navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship can be challenging, especially for small business owners. Maria offers tailored coaching sessions to help entrepreneurs develop clarity, set achievable goals, and create effective strategies for business growth. From marketing and branding and productivity, Maria provides practical guidance and support to help you build a thriving and sustainable business.

Connection to Magic and Ritual:
For those seeking to reconnect with the magic and ritual in their lives, Maria provides a safe and supportive space to explore spirituality, intuition, and personal rituals. Whether you're curious about incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily routine or delving deeper into mystical traditions, Maria offers guidance and tools to help you tap into your innate wisdom and intuition.

Cultivating a Pleasureful Life:
Living a pleasureful life is about more than just indulgence—it's about prioritizing joy, fulfillment, and self-care. Maria's coaching approach emphasizes the importance of self-love, pleasure, and radical self-acceptance. Through personalized coaching sessions, they help clients identify their desires, overcome limiting beliefs, and cultivate practices that bring them true pleasure and satisfaction in all areas of life.

Support for Creative Entrepreneurs:
Creative entrepreneurship comes with its own set of challenges, from overcoming creative blocks to navigating the business side of things. Maria's coaching services are tailored specifically for creatives, providing support and guidance to help you unleash your creativity, find your unique voice, and build a successful and sustainable creative business.

LGBTQ+ and Neurodivergent Support:
As a queer, neurospicy individual, Maria is committed to providing an inclusive and affirming space for LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent individuals. Their coaching services are LGBTQ+ affirming and neurodiversity informed, recognizing and celebrating the unique strengths and experiences of each individual. Whether you're navigating identity, relationships, or personal growth, Maria provides compassionate support and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Our mission is to empower individuals to live authentically, boldly, and joyfully. Through personalized coaching, practical tools, and unwavering support, Maria helps clients unlock their full potential and create lives that are truly magical, fulfilling, and pleasurable. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Feel free to reach out to learn more and schedule your consultation by emailing [email protected]. Your path to empowerment starts here, babe!



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Discovering and understanding my values, and beginning to understand those of my partner and friends, has brought SO MUCH clarity to my decisions and goals, as well as my relationships. My advice to those considering this program is DO IT.

-Christie McNabb

The way that Maria grounds magical practice in self-care, daily ritual, the seasons, and the moon, and encourages me to trust my own intuition, has helped me get back in touch with my inner power that so often feels lost, unmoored, or squashed. 

-Zoe Speidel