$25.00 USD

Year Long Tarot Journal

Beginning a Tarot practice can seem daunting and overwhelming - so many cards, archetypes, and messages to learn! While sitting down with flash cards and memorizing each card may work for some folks (we love you Virgos!) - creating a daily practice with your cards is a gentle and effective way accomplish two goals:  to learn the meanings of each card, and integrate this divination and ritual into your daily life. Tarot is a tool not just for big, life changing moments - new job, new relationships, or new heartbreak - but it can be a message from Spirit and your intuition on a daily basis. By pulling a card every morning, finding daily gratitude, and intention setting - you are devoting time to yourself and investing in your magical practice. 

This journal can be used with any Tarot deck, or even an Oracle deck if you choose. The Rider-Waite-Smith deck is the classic Tarot deck, and many artists have produced fascinating interpretations of the images. When choosing a deck, it is most helpful to find art and language that you personally are drawn to. If you aren’t delighted by the images, you will not be likely to use it!